The Lake County ADAMHS Board

The Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board oversees a network of mental health and addiction recovery services for Lake County residents. ADAMHS Boards are established by state statute – there’s one in every Ohio County. Our work is overseen by a board of directors – all Lake County residents who serve without compensation. More than 70% of our budget comes from local tax revenues. The Lake County ADAMHS Board enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of Ohio’s best.

What we do

  • We evaluate mental health and recovery needs in Lake County.
  • We fund initiatives that help people who are dealing with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.
  • We facilitate services that help families cope and deal more effectively with the illnesses of their loved ones.
  • We monitor the effectiveness/efficiency of local mental health and recovery services.

Our network

We currently support services through 17 providers – among them, Extended Housing, Crossroads, Beacon Health, Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, and NAMI. Other ADAMHS initiatives include Lake County’s Opiate Task Force, Suicide Prevention Coalition, Trauma Response Team, and CIT training that helps first responders react safely and effectively when they encounter symptoms of mental illness on a call.

Looking for help? Not sure where to start?

The ADAMHS Board’s Compass Line is a user-friendly entry point for those who find themselves in need of services but aren’t sure where to start. A call to the Compass Line at 918-2000 or 350-2000 (both 440) puts you in touch with a triage specialist who will help you sort through issues, explore options, and get you connected firmly and quickly with help resources.

For more information about the ADAMHS Board, its network of providers, and the Compass Line visit